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17th to 19th century

Also from the 17th to the 19th century Rochlitzer Porphyry`s popularity especially as a building blade did not stop. For instance Rochlitzer Porphyry was used in the supporting parts of construction and the beplate of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. Additional buildings of this centuries are:

  • massive ashlar bridge over river Zwickauer Mulde, Wechselburg (1844-46)
  • Friedrich-August-tower on Rochlitzer Berg (1859)

The year 1897 gained notable importance in the history of Rochlitzer Porphyry and our companie:

The stone masters and owners of the Rochlitzer Porphyry quarries Emil and Oswald Haberkorn, Clemens and Otto Seidel, as well as Emil Schilling, from Wechselburg, who all belong to the so called "Rochlitzer Hütte" incorporated to form a company. This company was the third GmbH in Saxony.