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Rochlitzer Porphyry`s history

Rochlitzer Porphyry also called Rhyolite Tuff because of its formation was built in Permian. Rochlitzer Berg is 350 metres high and has been an active volcano a long time ago. At that time it dispensed enormous amounts of ashes that sedimented and consolidated to a porous, easy workable, but sufficiently fast material. The layer out of tuff is 80 to 100 metres thick. Rochlitzer Porphyry’s colour is exchanging between red, brownish, grey to yellow or violet. Often this stone is nerved by irregular but closed clefts.

We know that Rochlitzer Porphyry has been used before our calculation of time. At that time people build grinding stones out of Rochlitzer Porphyry to grind crops. Because of this stones from 3,000 years ago have been found. One big difference is that in the past people did not mine Rochlitzer Porphyry in quarries but took stones that loosely lay around.