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commercial name: Rochlitzer Porphyr / Rochlitzer Porphyrtuff / Rochlitzer Marmor
petrographic identification: Rhyolit-Tuff
geological formation: permain


gross weight: 1,9-2,1 kp/dm3 pressure strength: 350-480 kp/cm2
flexual strength: 85 kp/cm2 modules of elasticity: 167000 kp/cm2
resistance to abrasion: 29,5 cm3 / 50 cm2 water absorption: 8-12 Vol%
freezing strength: resistant aggressive influences: resistance
polishing: not possible (max. fine honed)    

application area:

main application area: historical important building and sculptural material
well-known building benchmarks: Old Town Hall of Leipzig, Grassimuseum Leipzig, mausoleum of Copenhagen